The main Batsim output file is exported as prefix + _jobs.csv (see Command-line Interface).

This file is formatted as CSV (with a header) and give information about jobs. There is one line per job. This file has the following fields in this order.

  • job_id, the job identifier. Value is unique within a workload.
  • workload_name, the name of the workload the job belongs to.
  • profile, the name of the profiles that defines how the job should be simulated.
  • submission_time, the (simulation world) time (in seconds) at which the job has been submitted.
  • requested_number_of_resources, the number of resources requested by the job.
  • requested_time, the requested time of the job (walltime).
  • success, whether the job has completed before reaching its walltime and returned 0.
  • final_state, the job final state. Possible values include the following.
    • COMPLETED_SUCCESSFULLY: Job executed without reaching walltime, with zero exit code.
    • COMPLETED_FAILED: Job executed without reaching walltime, with non-zero exit code.
    • COMPLETED_WALLTIME_REACHED: Job executed but reached its walltime (killed automatically).
    • COMPLETED_KILLED: Job executed but killed by the decision process.
    • REJECTED: Job not executed, it was rejected by the decision process.
  • starting_time, the (simulation world) time (in seconds) at which the job execution has been started.
  • execution_time, the (simulation world) duration (in seconds) of the job execution. Equals to \(finish\_time - starting\_time\).
  • finish_time, the (simulation world) time (in seconds) at which the job execution has finished.
  • waiting_time, the (simulation world) time (in seconds) the job waited before being executed. Equals to \(starting\_time - submission\_time\).
  • turnaround_time, the time the job spend in the system. Equals to \(finish\_time - submission\_time\).
  • stretch: equals to \(turnaround\_time / execution\_time\).
  • consumed_energy, the total amount of energy (in joules) consumed by the allocated_resources during the execution of the job. Warning: no energy sharing or allocation is done in case there is more than one job running on a machine.
  • allocated_resources, the resources onto which the job has been allocated (see Interval set string representation).
  • metadata, user-specified metadata about the job (empty string by default).

Please note that many fields can have empty values for jobs that have been rejected.